I’ve always wanted to travel but never really got the chance.  Outside of the US that is.  When I came to Roanoke College, I knew the study abroad program was something I wanted to do.  And three and a half years later this dream came true.

New Zealand is a beautiful, serene place that has captured the imaginations of many movie producers, photographers and nature-lovers from around the world.  It’s home to unique biodiversity of plants and animals, and until humans settled there New Zealand contained no native mammals (except marine animals and bats perhaps).   It has a mild maritime climate on the Northern Island, and a cooler Southern Island.  New Zealand was first colonized by Polynesians who became the indigenous Maori.  Europeans came around 300 or 400 years later.  Since then New Zealand has changed much, but it still holds on to it’s raw natural beauty and is relatively unspoiled by a comparatively low population of people (New Zealand has approximately the population density of Maine, but don’t hold me to that).

So here I am, the little tourist, the “iti manuhiri.”  I’m not a writer, I’m not a traveler.  I’m just a study abroad kid hoping to see something new, and learn something new, everyday.


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  1. Bob McGahern says:

    EXCELLENT job with the South Island map & trip collage you made for today’s post!

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