I’m Going on an Adventure!


Welcome to Hobbiton.  Everything here is miniature – like it should be, and yet it still catches you off guard.  The hobbit holes look perfect; they could be a hundred years old judging by the stained, weathered, and rustic look.

ImageFrom up on the hills all you can see is the gardens and the chimney’s sprouting out of the ground, and the occasional little widow peeking through a hillside.  But from a different angle you can see tons of the little trademark colored round doors with the knobs in the middle.  Rocking chairs, ladders, buckets, planting pots, mats, blankets, and other trinkets adorn the front yards.  The gardens are dainty and gorgeous; the rolling hills have an unreal beauty.


The Party Tree! I don’t know half of you as well as I should and like less than half of you half as well as you deserve…

The party tree is a huge mass of gnarled branches that tower and spread an impressive distance.  Everything is here as it should be – even the laundry is hanging out to dry.  And then you walk towards the Green Dragon through a wooded walkway, to pretty lake, across a cute medieval-looking stone bridge, past the watermill.


The bar in the Green Dragon

The Green Dragon is so cool!  Straight out of a fairy tale.  No place could be more “tavern” like.  Everything wooden and worn, carvings on the walls and pillars and doors and windows, clay mugs that look hand made, delicious beer, hardy yummy food.  One side of the tavern looks like a living room, complete with pillows and leather chairs.  The other side is where you can drink a hobbit-sized pint with your mates and be merry.  Welcome to Hobbiton, the artistic detail they put into the place is real; yes it’s a movie set, but it’s intricate and impressive!  Not a single one of our group was disappointed.





“I’m going on an adventure” says young Billbo Baggins as he runs after Gandalf and the Dwarves


Our group at lake Taupo on our trip home from Hobbiton


Riding in the back of the car :)  We fit 6 people in our friend's car...one person had to sit in the back.

Riding in the back of the car :) We fit 6 people in our friend’s car…one person had to sit in the back.


If you ever happen to find yourself in the Matamata neighborhood, ignore the crazy people dressed up like elves and screaming about how all their dreams are coming true and that they’re going to break down and cry – go to Hobbiton, the tour is worth it!

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