Care for a hot potato?

Since the trip to Mordor, nothing particularly new or exciting has happened (except for Brittany who went kayaking last weekend).  But that doesn’t mean we all haven’t been having fun! 


The hurricanes – the local team we watched on TV

I’ve begun to accumulate quite a bit of knowledge about stuff here in New Zealand.  There was this game on TV the other day, for instance, with a lot of guys in short-shorts and some guys running around in bright pink.  It seemed to be an intricate game of hot potato where random wrestling matches would break out now and then.  And players were allowed to kick the hot potato if they wanted, and if the potato went out of bounds someone would throw it down the isle of flying hot-potato-players.  Rugby, I think they called it.


But mostly, since we don’t have a meal plan up at Atawhai (the flats where Jake, Brittany, a whole bunch of our friends, and I live) we spend a lot of time thinging about food and worrying about getting it.  Therefore we’ve noticed some peculiarities with food here in New Zealand.  Meat pies truly are the thing here.  Meat pies of every kind.  Meat pies of every size.  Fresh meat pies, frozen meat pies, make-your-own meat pies.  Mini meat pies for tea.


Just a few meat pie options. This picture was taken at a food stand in a gas station…not even a grocery store or bakery or anything. A gas station.


Kiwis also have an apparent obsession with sausages.  They are always prepared the same – grilled sausages put into a slice of white bread (and eaten like a hotdog) with “tomato sauce” because ketchup is rare here, and cooked onions.  They eat sausages ALL THE TIME here.  At first I was stoked to get free food on campus when events were happening, but eventually I caught on…it’s only free ’cause you weak Americans can only handle so many sausages before you get sick of them…


We have feral cats in Atawhai. Most of them are scared of people, but this one is friendly and cute so we give him cream every now and then. He has nothing to do with anything in this post but I thought he deserved attention anyway.


As I said in a past post, we often have large “group dinners” up at Atawhai to make life easier, cheaper, and more fun.  But our most recent group dinner has been the best so far without doubt.  Jake and I were hoping to go out on a dinner date Saturday, but unfortunately we realized at about 6pm that the last bus to town left two and a half hours previously.  I was sorely disappointed, and seriously craving Chinese or Indian food, so our friends decided to throw together a Chinese-Indian-American dinner.  Prianka, our pre-vet Indian neighbor, made a delicious eggplant curry dish with rice.  Robin whipped out his awesome Chinese cooking skills and made a chicken and potato dish, as well as an egg dish with some sort of grass-like Chinese vegetable.  My flat made garlic green beans, steamed carrots and potatoes, and more rice (because you can never have enough).  I haven’t even said the best part yet – we managed to scrape up enough dishes, cups, silverware, plastic bowels and Tupperware to SET THE TABLE!  A rare occasion for us.  The awesome, delicious dinner was followed by homemade apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. 


The view of a fern tree from below


This weekend holds the potential of going to Hobbiton…we’ll see what happens!  P.S.  Our spring break/Easter break trip is gearing up to be awesome – we’ve been planning it like crazy lately.

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4 Responses to Care for a hot potato?

  1. Uncle John says:

    If your Dad is fortunate enough to get invited to one of your “group dinners,” please don’t make him visit your flat…steamed carrots and garlic green beans? Sounds like you guys should chip in and get some kind of BBQ grill…cook them NZ sausages…HMMMMM! Enjoy!

  2. Sarah says:

    Yay rugby!! Don’t pretend you don’t know what it is!

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