One-week Countdown


Notice the adorable kitty looking lost and confused. Sadly, he can’t come on the trip.

The time has come to make final preparations and begin packing.  With exactly one week left before my plane leaves, last minute details are becoming more pertinent to deal with and worry is rising with my excitement.  How exactly is a girl supposed to pack for four and a half months of adventure, culture, and wondrous experiences with only a suitcase, a carry-on, and a fifty-pound limit?  I debated posting a sneak-peak at my packing list so far, but I decided it would be better to post that after I’ve discovered the fifty-thousand things I didn’t need to bring.  Minimalism has never been my strong point.

And then there’s the issue of school.  It’s understandable if you’ve forgotten, it’s easy to do, but this is a study-abroad trip not a semester-long vacation.  I cannot be entirely confident that I will hit the ground running in this strange new land where classes are called papers and flip-flops are “jandles,” and putting together a time-table for my classes is as puzzling as getting my suitcases packed.  So far, I’m lined up to take Flora and Fauna of New Zealand, Calculus, Physics II, and Political Anthropology.  Undoubtably my favorite class will be Flora and Fauna (we get to go on field trips in that class!).  And luckily for the ease our transition, Jake, Brittany and I will all be taking Physics II and Flora and Fauna together.  It would actually be weird to not have a class or two with Jake and Brittany.  Due to Roanoke being such a small school, usually your major classes consist of the same group of people – to the point where in any given semester I’ve never not had a class with Brittany!  But then again everything’s going to be different this semester, which is the beauty of it all.  Also, classes won’t truly be finalized until orientation week anyway.  A worry for another day.

So I’m busy packing and unpacking and repacking.  I already miss the kids at Roanoke, but at the end of the day I really just want to board that plane and get started on this awesome semester in New Zealand!


…should I pack an umbrella or no?  Perhaps a mini one?

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