Off to Adventure-land

Hi everyone!

This blog is designed to be a trip log as Brittany, Jake and I embark on our semester abroad in New Zealand.  We’ve been anticipating this for a long time, and have some idea of what we want to do there, but mostly I’m writing this to keep track of  the fun times as our expectations go by the wayside and we enjoy meeting the people, flora and fauna of New Zealand.  By the way, all three of us are biologists of some flavor, so if you don’t care to learn about the fresh water invertebrates and microorganisms, or the evolution of animal ecological niches in the absence of mammals, be warned.

Anyway, as of now we don’t even have our tickets yet, so I expect I won’t be writing again for a while.  However, if you wish to support our cause feel free to contact me.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the stories I’ll have to tell in the coming months.

— Pati

P.S. These beautiful pictures aren’t mine, I got them from the internet.  But I’ll try to replace them sometime with cool new photos of my own when I get to New Zealand!

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6 Responses to Off to Adventure-land

  1. Aunt Maureen says:

    Pati – We cannot wait to follow you on your journey. SO exciting!

  2. Aunt Maureen says:

    Good Luck! I am trying out this new Gravitar! ttyl!

  3. Your Favorite Uncle John says:

    Enjoy your trip of a lifetime! Which campus of Massey University are you located at?

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